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Insurance Claims: FAQs

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Filing an insurance claim, especially without any previous experience, can be a maze of confusion and uncertainty. Though you may feel alone, you’re not the only one with questions or concerns. Whether you’re navigating commercial or residential claims, dealing with underpaid claims, or coping with the aftermath of storm damage, we’re sharing answers to questions that we get asked frequently about insurance claims.

How Do I Start the Claims Process?

Initiating a claim is the crucial first step and may vary depending on circumstances. Our office can assist with new claims pending inspection as well as underpaid or denied claims. If you’d like us to help you with a claim, we encourage you to contact us with your specific details.

How Long Does the Claims Process Take?

The timeline for claims varies, often depending on the type of case and severity of damage. Insurance companies strive to process claims promptly, but factors like investigations, negotiations, and the nature of the damage can influence the duration. With a public adjuster, you can stay updated with your claim status, and a public adjuster will ensure the process is streamlined.

What If My Claim Is Underpaid?

Underpaid claims can be a frustrating setback. Review your policy and gather evidence supporting your case if you believe your claim hasn’t been adequately compensated. Once you have your information, or if you’d like another opinion, we encourage you to reach out to a public adjuster near you.

Are Storm Damage Claims Handled Differently?

Storm damage claims involve unique challenges. If your home, vehicle, or other property has been affected by a storm, promptly document the damage and take steps to prevent further harm. Insurance companies may dispatch adjusters more swiftly in the aftermath of a storm, but being proactive in your documentation can expedite the process.

Can I Choose My Own Contractor for Repairs?

Most policyholders typically have the freedom to choose their contractors for repairs. Ensure that the selected professionals provide detailed estimates and communicate directly with the insurance adjuster to avoid unexpected costs or information.

Work with a Public Adjuster in San Antonio, Texas

Navigating insurance claims, whether commercial or residential, can be daunting. However, our rundown of insurance claim FAQs can help you approach the process with a clearer understanding, making the road to recovery easier. If you’re looking for a public adjuster in San Antonio, Texas, contact Michael Acerra today!


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